About Us

Road’s End Press is a small, family-run publisher, comprising three generations of writers, artists, and readers. Founded in 2019, the press has now published three books by Oregon poet and activist, David Hedges. Hedges has long been praised for his masterful storytelling, sharp satirical wit, and snappy fashion sense. Road’s End Press is excited to announce his latest piece of whimsy, The ZigZag Papers, which will be available for purchase on February 13, 2023.

David Hedges, Poet & Author

David stands in front of his beloved 1989 Jeep Wrangler in a colorful, printed shirt. His long, white hair and beard are slightly windswept and he has a friendly smile on his face.

David Hedges has authored 10 books, including Petty Frogs on the Potomac (1997), Prospects of Life After Birth: Memoir in Poetry and Prose (2019), The Changer (2021), Trump Über Alles: Rhymes for Trying Times (2022), The Zigzag Papers ~ or ~ Who Wants Wanda Wasted: An Inspector François Poulet of Interpol Attempted Murder Mystery (2023), and five chapbooks, most recently A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to a Geology Degree (2011). His poems have appeared in Poetry, Poet Lore, Measure, Light Quarterly, Light: A Journal of Light Verse, Light Online (UK), Able Muse, Trinacria, etc., and, closer to home, Calapooya Collage, Left Bank, Northwest Magazine, The Sunday Oregonian, Verseweavers, and Windfall.

He twice served as president of the Oregon Poetry Association, was a board member of the Portland Poetry Festival, and has served on the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission board since 1988. He co-founded, with State Librarian Jim Scheppke and Poet Laureate Lawson Inada, The Oregon Poetry Collection at the University of Oregon’s Knight Library, and at the 2003 Oregon Book Awards, received the Stewart H. Holbrook Literary Legacy Award for outstanding contributions to the state’s literary life. A social, environmental, and political activist, David lives in a 1915 house in Oregon City, Oregon, near where his pioneer ancestors settled in the mid-1800s.

Andrew Hedges, Publisher

Headshot of Andrew. He is backlit against a brilliant blue sky, sun shining through his long white beard. He’s wearing a Jeep ballcap and sunglasses and has a quizzical smirk on his face.

A “desktop publishing” whiz back in the ’90s using Aldus PageMaker, Andrew handles the production of Road’s End Press’s books. He’s a self-identified typography nerd, having taken to heart the iconic book on the topic Stop Stealing Sheep and channeling it into pixels via what he learned from The Mac is Not a Typewriter by Peachpit Press.

Erin Hedges, Editor

Throwback photo of Erin at 6 years old, standing on a train station platform with a stuffed animal wolf on her head, butt inexplicably towards the camera. She has a smile on her face that suggest she’s proud of herself.

Erin, our resident “youth”, is an editor and project manager for Road’s End Press. When not wrangling the talent, she spends her time at Portland State University pursuing her Masters in English. She is proud to work alongside her father and grandfather, but is concerned she may eventually have to grow a beard to fit in…